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Richard Shelton has been described as, "The worlds leading interpreter of Frank Sinatra”.

His ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ (Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards) hard-hitting portrayal of Sinatra in the drama, ‘Rat Pack Confidential’ on the London stage won him the following reviews:

“No one should take lightly standing on a stage and trying to BE Frank Sinatra. But Richard Shelton, the man who portrays him, is quite simply phenomenal. He captures the essence of the man perfectly. His voice has exactly the right tone; he has that twinkle in his eye; he has that anger that sometimes flowed out of every Sinatra pore.”  Mike Young – BBC, ‘Rat Pack Confidential’ – London.

“Shelton captures perfectly Sinatra’s string pulling menace.” – Michael Billington, The Guardian

'Sinatra was marvellously played by Richard Shelton, singing the hits with style with a smile that turns on and off like a lightbulb and an edge of near psychotic violence.' – Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph.

'Richard Shelton’s splendidly tough yet laid-back performance as the Pack Leader'– Benedict Nightingale, The Times.

‘Simply astounding’ (Musical Theatre Review)

‘Seemingly effortless style’ (Daily Express)

'A stand-out performance’ (Manchester Evening News)

‘Un-nevringly authentic’ (The Stage)

Following a sell-out 2018 season at the Edinburgh Festival, Richard’s self-penned play, ‘Sinatra: RAW’ transferred to Crazy Coqs, London for a sell-out, critically reviewed 3-week season. 'Sinatra: RAW’ imagines Sinatra at his last intimate pre-retirement concert in Palm Springs:

'1971 - The Purple Room, Palm Springs. Frank Sinatra prepares for his last intimate pre-retirement gig. People jostle for position and the air is electric with anticipation. Sinatra drinks ‘One For My Baby’ too many and starts to reminisce when things take a turn. This is the 2am Sinatra you dream of meeting. Dangerous. Unpredictable. Startling. Brilliant.’

5-star reviews include:

★★★★★ "Sinatra: RAW’ - A glorious and compelling masterpiece” - Full Article

★★★★★ 5 stars for "outstanding" Sinatra Raw "
From the opening notes of 'A Very Good Year' Richard Shelton is remarkable, completely transforming into the great man so you would believe he was back in the room with you!"
Broadwayworld - Full Article

★★★★★ 5 stars  
"Richard Shelton delivers pure gold with wonderful singing that captures every subtle nuance of Sinatra's style - so similar in fact that one one could be listening to a recording except we're most definitely not"
ActDrop - Full Article

"Sheer brilliance, Richard Shelton channelled Frank Sinatra and Richard left the building. As for the songs, close your eyes and take in the sound, of Richard absolutely nailing Sinatra’s voice, as it washes over you. Open your eyes and the likeness is there for all to see."
Carn's Theatre Passion - Full Article

★★★★★ 5 stars for Sinatra Raw! "If you’re a fan of Sinatra this show, goose-bumps are guaranteed. Richard Shelton sure knows how to croon, and if you close your eyes his voice is a near perfect imitation of the real deal" Entertainmemt Focus - Full Article

★★★★ Sinatra Raw "A mesmerising and fascinating show that offers deep insight into the man behind the singer, beautifully performed by Richard Shelton... it's a well pitched (in every sense) performance"
Love London Love Culture - Full Article

‘Sinatra: RAW’ - If one for your baby and one for the road is what you are looking for Richard Shelton will bring Old Blue Eyes to life - warts and all - in the Fringe's most sophisticated show his way.
Bill Russell  Reviewsgate

"A model of its kind – not the usual tribute show hagiography but a warts and all portrait of Old Blue Eyes. There will be no more sophisticated and polished act in Edinburgh this August Richard Shelton does Sinatra proud”.
Reviewsgate - Full Article

As in any great show, he leads you wanting more - more of the music and more of the man.
Pocket Size Theatre - Full Article

★★★★★ 5 stars for Sinatra Raw from West End Wilma!
"The audience at Crazy Coqs were mesmerised and enthralled by Richard Shelton's  performance" - Full Article

★★★★ Sinatra Raw
"Singing his way through that famous back catalogue Richard Shelton reminds us what made Sinatra such an undeniable star, as he croons, you can feel the world melt away"
Theatre Weekly - Full Article

★★★★ Sinatra Raw
"Singing his way through that famous back catalogue Richard Shelton reminds us what made Sinatra such an undeniable star, as he croons, you can feel the world melt away"
Theatre Weekly

In the US, Richard made his Sinatra debut with a 3-night series of concerts honouring Frank Sinatra's centennial year, 'A Very Good Year' at the US Grant Hotel, San Diego working alongside Sinatra's original musicians which marked a run in LA, Palm Springs and New York.

In the UK, Richard has graced the stages with orchestras and big-bands, including a sell-out concert of ‘The Main Event’ with the Sad Lawrence Big Band.

In March 2019, 'Ticket to the Moon Management’ is thrilled to present Richard on a big-band tour of South Africa to:

12-16 - Durban, Rockwood Theatre at Sibaya
20 - Pretoria, Atterbury Theatre
21 - 24 - Johannesburg, Mandela Theatre
27 - East London,  Guild Theatre
29 - Port Elizabeth, Board Walk Convention Centre
30 - Cape Town, Paul Cluver Wine Estate Amphitheatre
31 - Cape Town, Paul Cluver at The Crypt

Richard’s life long synchronicity with Sinatra is captured in his show ’Sinatra and Me’ which is due to tour South Africa in March 2019. “My job as an actor is to emulate the essence and evoke the spirit of Frank Sinatra. To make people feel that they’ve spent a moment time with him,” says Shelton. “To tell stories through song and move them, persuade them. They should walk away saying “I feel like I’ve just spent an evening with Frank Sinatra.” If they do that, then I have done my job.”



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