An Englishman In Love in LA



An Englishman In Love In LA

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- Performed for -

Performed for Prince Charles
Prince of Wales

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Sung for Havey Weinstein

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Performed for Elton John

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Performed on BBC Radio And TV

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Recorded at Capitol Studios

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Performed At Abbey Road Studios

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Appeared on House of Lies

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Performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

"Richard Shelton is a superior singer who tips his hat to a legend with grace and elegance on An Englishman In Love In L.A. , an album that Sinatra himself would be proud of, well done!" ★★★★" - Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“Shelton has a seemingly effortless style, unforced and highly polished – with this brio and panache he has a bright future.”Mark Shenton, Daily Express

"What a voice! The future belongs to vocalists and Richard Shelton is going to lead the way there!” - BBC Radio 2 – Gillian Reynolds, BBC

“Shelton is like a singing Cary Grant - pure class! Classic but slick, timeless but modern.” - Alex Rudd, BBC Composer of the Year

Shelton's chocolatey smooth vocals over 13 sumptuously arranged tracks for swing-band and orchestra with musicians including Sinatra's band-mates.

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